Buttercream Flowers


ONLY $19.99!!!!

Make your flowers directly

on the cake!

except for the rose, which is made on a stick then...placed directly on the cake.

Use the  same  icing to decorate...

...and  ice the cake!

Eat the yummy flowers with the cake!

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A 90 minute DVD

The CakeGenie has been performing magic on her cakes for

30 years, in commercial bakeries.

Now, she is sharing with you how she makes that magic happen



You will watch as each of the flowers, pictured below, are

being created.  In a matter of a few minutes you will

see them blossom before your very eyes. 

During the entire DVD you will be getting detailed instructions

  on how you too can make these flowers using only your basic

equipment, a lot of fun and enthusiasm, and suggestions from

a decorator who decorates and teaches from the heart.

  • Click on the media player below
  • to see a sample video clip 
  • of making a lady bug!          See before you buy the DVD the exact flowers you will be making. 


daffodils, hibiscus, irises, lily-of-valley, mums, orchid, pansies, poinsettias, roses, sunflowers.

This DVD has built in chapters, allowing you to go directly to each individual cake as you want to view it.

The decorations used on these cakes require no drying or freezing time and are all made directly on the cake, except for the rose, which is made on a stick and then placed directly on the cake.  Each cake takes about 20 minutes to ice and decorate.

With one batch of icing, you can, ice the cake and do all of the decorating.  The yummy flowers can be eaten with the cake.  Use your favorite buttercream icing or a whipped topping.

This DVD takes you from ....the foundation to .....the finished product.

You will watch, close up, step by step, with full instructions, from the same view the decorator has, how the entire cake is decorated.

  • Starting with a level, squared off cake.
  • Adding a complimentary background or inner border to enhance your main subject.
  • Spacing and arranging on the background.
  • Making all of those flowers.
  • Using the correct type of leaves for each flower.

There are no secrets hidden from you, no special icings used, no special decorating tips. 

They are made with fun and enthusiasm. 

Cakegenie looks forward to decorating with you! 

This DVD does require that you have some basic cake decorating knowledge.  If you have never decorated before you can purchase my "GETTING  STARTED" dvd to learn the basics.  If you already know how to make a shell border, ice the cake, and fill the bag...you are ready to make the cakes in this dvd.


All decorating in this DVD is original and was done by Jean Plowman (Cakegenie)

All filming for this DVD was done in California.

This DVD is made in NTSC standard.  All artwork, pictures, and video are sole property of cakegenie,   covered under U.S. copyright laws, and can not be used  without permission

© 2005 Jean Plowman, Allen Plowman


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