My history

I have always enjoyed baking. When my children were all in school, I decided to take a job. The local bakery was hiring and it seemed like something I would enjoy. One of the requirements was, you had to know how to decorate cakes. I went out and bought a basic book and a bag and started practicing. I had two weeks to learn. It was fun for me and I soon caught on to the basics. Customers kept asking for other things.

"Can you put a picture of my car on a cake?"
"My mom loves irises can you do those?"
I am having a baby shower, any new ideas?"

As I did each cake, more and more personal requests came in. The challenge was exciting for me, so I came up with, "your wish is my command" and decided I should be the Cake Genie. I could find no books on how to do most of it so I started experimenting. I came up with my own method of doing 3-D pictures on cakes from photographs they brought in. It was a real hit. What had started out as a job to give me some extra spending money had now turned into a full fledged career. Thirty years later, I am still figuring out how to always make just the look I am searching for, and I am still having fun doing it. I have worked in bakeries in the midwest, the San Francisco Bay area, and California Valley. Everywhere I go I meet fun people with lots of ideas for me to work with. I am getting close to retirement now but not quite ready to hang my decorating bags up for that last time. I would now like to share with others little ideas and techniques I have come up with, over the years, to make this such a fun and profitable occupation. If I can pass some of the fun I have had during the past thirty years on to another person, I will feel my life has been a success.





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