ONLY $18.99!!

Detailed instructions for:

Holiday   Cakes

This 80 minute DVD goes, from bags to.......


..........Oh  My ! !"

Also  learn..

special techniques which can be applied to create other designs, of your choice.


Using Buttercream icing and cake, you can assemble all of these cakes...fast...and with a lot of fun.  No shaped pans are needed.  Using only your love of decorating and some basic kitchen utensils, you will slice, rearrange, build up, pipe and magically turn out these Holiday Cakes.

Learn:  how to make a giant Spider.

Learn:  how to pipe on a scary Halloween scene.

Learn: how to turn a 3 layer cake into a Roasted Turkey.

Learn: how to form a Wild Turkey on top of a cake.

Learn: how to make a Yule Log...from a jelly roll.

Learn: how to make Santa and his Reindeer.



You will watch each of these cakes being decorated...from beginning...to end.  You will see, up close, and step by step, everything that takes place.  There will be full instructions explaining each move.  When you have made all of these cakes...not only will you know how to make them.....but you will have learned a lot of things which can be used when making other designs.

This DVD is digitally recorded and mastered. It has built in chapters, allowing you to go directly to each individual cake as you want to view it.

 Each of the cakes are 100% edible with the exception of the paper frills on the turkey drumstick.


You will snatch some help from an assortment of candies, chocolate, meringues, large cookie, pretzels and maraschino cherries.  Not only do these items provide support and form.........they are fun to eat along with the cake.

Kids...love these cakes.

Adults...are amazed with them.  and.....

Decorators...get all of the credit. (please don't tell anyone we are having a blast doing it.  That is our professional secret.)




Enter the magical world of Cake Decorating



This DVD is made in NTSC standard.  All artwork, pictures, and video are sole property of cakegenie,   covered under U.S. copyright laws, and can not be used  without permission

© 2005 Jean Plowman, Allen Plowman


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